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Rocky 30 Router!
High performance motor.

Compact, variable speed, palm
router and trimmer. | more...



Katana® Straight Bit Set!
6 piece router bit set.

Premium micro-carbide, with
mirror finish cutters. | more...



Solid Carbide Upcut Set!
3 pc. spiral router bits.

Save $17! Micro-grain carbide
cuts fast and smooth. | more...



Boomer Bar Clamp
and guide fence system.

Available in three sizes, great
for glue ups! | more...




"Stand-Alone Wine Rack" Project Sale

The X1 Fence
Upgrade your table!

Save $20! Our top
Router Table Fence

Phenolic Top
Router Table Top

Save $20! A solid
mineral resin top

U-Turn Router Lift
Woodsmith® Reviewed

Save $70! Adjust your
router from the side

Pro Table Stand
Perfect for U-Turn...

...but perfect for any
router table top.